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This visioning ‘stuff’ works

  • UnknownFirst, what is this visioning ‘stuff’?
  • Well we coaches at AnD Leadership Consulting believe that the place to start when coaching our clients is to invite them to project forward five years then articulate and write down where and how they want their world to be in both their professional and personal lives. In fact the third step of the AnD-learning-map is the Vision question: What is your ‘light on the hill’?


We AnD coaches also believe that it’s essential to ‘walk the talk’, so we commit to regular coaching support for oouselves. For the past ten years my coach has been asking me the Vision question, and each time I have said that in five years time I will be a published author. Then, just after I’d launched my book Go With Love in March this year, it was time for me to set up a coaching session. My coach asked me the usual Vision question and when I got to the published book part I paused and let out a celebratory yelp,

“Megan, that’s no longer part of my vision because now I am a published author – this stuff works!”


Call it the power of intention, call it the power of vision, I am now a walking, talking example of this ‘stuff’ working.


For more information about AnD Leadership Consulting go to www.andconsulting.org and for more information about my book Go With Love go to www.gowithlovebook.com.Go_With_Love_COV_CMYK_border

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