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# 17 The and/both of Facebook

I am not on Facebook nor do I intend to be.

However I was fascinated by an ABC program a couple of weeks ago about Mark Zuckerman and the Facebook phenomenon.  I learned that this is a man with a vision to connect people with each other and he’s apparently about to connect the 1 billionth such person.

Two things particularly fascinated me about the program and kept me up later than usual:  the first was the power of his vision which meant it was easy for he and his team to refuse a several billion dollar buy out offer because “we are clear that we are in the business of connecting people with each other not in the business of making lots of money”.

The program tracked the viewer through Zuckerman’s life and education and the second thing that especially caught my attention was that he studied computer science and psychology at university.  “Aha” I thought, this is what makes this guy different from other computer science nerds – he brings a people focus to Facebook as well as a clever technical offering and I believe this and/both approach will have contributed to his success.

The and/both of AnD Leadership Consulting

Where Zuckerman brings an and/both approach to Facebook by combining an understanding of people and science, we at AnD provide coaching services to our clients to help them use both their hearts and their heads to explore both their vision and the appropriate strategies for their businesses and their lives.  To learn more contact Kate Ramsay at [email protected].

How about you?

How do you apply and/both thinking to your business and/or your life?

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