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# 16 What followers want from their leader

If you’re a leader of a huge organisation or a tiny team of people, or anything in between, please take note.  Gallop Inc, the well-known polling company has done vast research on leadership and the social sciences.  Gallop’s researchers asked 10,000 followers which leadership characteristics mattered most to them in their leader.

The three most common factors followers want from their leader are that :

1.  They invest in strengths – both their own and their employees.

2.  They surround themselves with the right people and then maximise the strengths of their team.

3.  They understand their followers’ needs.

How can leaders best influence their followers?

Gallup then followed up these 10,000 people and asked them to list 3 words that best describe how they want their leaders to positively influence them in their daily life.  More than a tenth of those polled used the same words:





What about you?

How can you demonstrate trust, compassion, stability and hope in your people today?  And if you’d like some help to work out authentic ways to do this some Leadership Coaching with an AnD Coach is a phone call or email away.

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