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# 18 Are you ready for self-actualisation?

I have been a fan of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs for a long time.  in the early ’50s Maslow described a 5 step process we humans need to take to reach self-actualisation (which he defined as self-fulfilment and reaching our full potential).  As per the diagram on the left we must first get our physical needs satisfied, the core of which are our food and shelter.  Next come our safety and security needs, then our need for acceptance, belonging and love.  Once these needs are met we move to satisfying our success and self-esteem needs which leads to our self-actualisation.  Whew!

The how to of self-actualisation

If this feels like a high mountain to climb, the good news is that Maslow says that the way to achieving self-actualisation is through self-exploration and action.  Given the core of the AnD Leadership Coaching methodology involves self-reflection for fresh insights, then taking the appropriate actions to achieve one’s vision, we could say that the purpose of our Leadership Coaching process is self-actualisation.

Are you ready for self-actualisation?

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