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The ‘and’ in AnD Consulting

imagesMy business AnD Consulting is named to encourage living life in an and/both way instead of the either/or way our western conditioning taught us.  I like telling stories to make sense of this rather abstract concept.  Here’s one about decision making:

I’ve always done my best to trust my heart and my head when making decisions.  I had a good reminder to ‘listen’ to my gut as well during a recent Leadership Coaching session.

My client was exploring the pros and cons of a big decision he needed to make.  I invted him to reflect back on a decision that had, or had not, gone well in the past, in the hope this might shed further light on his current situation.  “I’m thinking of a time when I ignored my gut feelings and just went with my head and my heart.  I’ve been able to well and truly regret that one at leisure,” he said with a chuckle.

We mulled over what causes our gut feelings and decided they are our inner knowing, gathered from a myriad of past experiences, and that we could them our intuition.

So – all in all – my client and I came to the same conclusion; it’s important to trust our head, heart and gut when making decisions – be they large or small.

Can you recall a time when you ignored your gut feelings at your peril?images-1

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