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Chooks and the meaning of life!

imagesI’m on chook feeding duties for the next few days while my neighbours are away.  I’ve just been shown what to do – take any compost scraps I have and scatter them together with the special chook feed into the chook house, top up their water then check for eggs.  There are three nests for the hens to lay in and this morning there was a broody hen covering the middle nest.  My friend tipped her off and extracted four warm eggs as she explained that Rocky the Rooster doesn’t seem to be doing his thing at the moment – one hen sat for 3 weeks to no avail not long ago.  Wow – I thought – how remarkable are the instincts that drive all sentient beings to keep their species going!

Feeling confident I’ll be able to manage my chook feeding duties OK I returned home where my thoughts turned to the human species.  With the help of contraception most of us have learned to curb our sexual instincts and limit the number of children we produce.  But I’m now wondering how driven are we nonetheless by our natural urges – just as that broody hen could sit for three weeks with no possibility of hatching some young?  images-1We get up, we go to work, we come home, we eat dinner, we go to bed and so the treadmill goes.  Unless we choose to function from a conscious place and think about the meaning and purpose of our actions first.  My meaning and purpose is to support others as they clarify and live their vision and purpose through my Leadership Coaching and Vision Coaching work – and, most of the time, this keeps me off the treadmill of life!

Do you ever make links between our feathered friends and the meaning of life?

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