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# 10 Leadership is a juggling act

Leaders have a lot on their plate – they need to satisfy their customers, keep their teams productive and motivated and plan for the future – all at once!

I’ve just read an article that categorises all of this into the what and the how of leadership – the ‘what’ being the focus on the immediate and the future – what the article calls the operational and the strategic, and the ‘how’ being the juggling act of when to be a hands on leader and when to step back and let the troops run the show – what the article calls being either forceful and/or enabling.  No wonder leaders get tired!

But wait, there’s more!

As if that wasn’t enough of a juggling act for leaders, the article also talks about the dangers of overdoing one’s strengths as a leader.  This means that even if you’re highly skilled at strategic thinking you must not lose sight of current operational issues and even if you’re most comfortable with an influencing leadership style, there are times when you will need to take charge.

How we can help

We at AnD Consulting are in the business of helping leaders be the best they can be.  Our Leadership Coaching process provides clients with confidential time out for regular reflective practice during which they explore when to be operational vs. strategic and when to be forceful vs. enabling and how to notice and correct the temptation to overdo your strengths.

How about you?

Which are your preferred leadership styles and are you at risk of overdoing your strengths?

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