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Brain Obesity


 Does my brain look big in this?

This catchy title caught my attention on David Ryan Polger’s talk at the recent Springfield TEDx.  Polger argues that because we’re now overloaded with unlimited information we’ve become ‘mentally obese’.  He uses the food pyramid as an analogy:  just as a healthy daily diet consists of cereals and grains at the base, then vegetables and fruit next up, with dairy, meat, fish, beans, eggs and nuts after that and fats, oils and sweets at the pointy top of the pyramid, so too do we need to keep a balance between the amount of information we take in each day and the time we invest in synthesising this as knowledge and ultimately wisdom.

How do we synthesis information?

I believe the key to this is through reflection: taking regular time to pause and ponder so that we can ingest the information that is all around us.

And this reminds me of why I continue to be passionate about supporting clients through our Leadership Coaching service.  We AnD coaches give our clients the time and space in a safe supportive environment for reflective practice.  Or, as a recent client said to me, “you help me to hear what I’m thinking”.

What about you?

Are you feeling mentally obese?  If so here is some ‘food for thought’ to get you pondering how you might embark on a mental fitness program.


Brain food

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